Tracy Hoodless

Especially at Christmas again, you were missed.

Stephen and Mum

A light is shining to remember our darling brother and our loving mother. With all our love and affection, we still miss you so much.

David Fleet

I miss you always, especially at Christmas. You're always in my heart and my mind.
Love you millions
Sophie xxxxx

Veronica Barley

Best wishes

Wendy Burke

In memory of my nan Wendy who passed away in June this year - loved and missed every day. xx

Christopher John Cheetham

Miss you. With all my love as always xx

Veronica Barley

Happy Christmas lots of Love from Mike, Sara and Lila


In gratitude and love

Alex Gordon

Until we meet again

David fleet

Remembering with love my wonderful husband David. Everyday is hard without you by my side but the love I have for you will never die.
I didn't just loose my husband, but also my sole mate and my best friend. Forever in my heart xxxxx